Furniture Feature – Home Office Desks

With all the time you spend in your home office, shouldn’t it be functional, comfortable and inspiring?  Millspaugh Furniture offers a variety of desk, filing, and bookcase options from the executive size to smaller styles that would fit perfectly in a bedroom.  Select from solid wood, American built pieces in your choice of wood species and stain finish.  Stop in and talk to Karyn in our Poughkeepsie location about the style and layout that would work best for you to get your best work done!  Or call us at 845-778-1500 for more information!

karyn Desk pic


Pick Of The Week – Tall Buffet

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   This unique dining room buffet is Robin’s favorite piece; it’s very different than most buffets.  The curved sides and mirrored backsplash (which is optional) add to the unique look.  It is also 40″ high which is higher than most buffets offering a lot of storage.  (With the backsplash it is 53″ high.)

This beautiful piece comes in three lengths:  a two door, 38″ wide, a three door, 59″ wide and a four door, 72″ wide.   This company is great with custom sizing also.  If you need it 66″ long we can do that for you.

You have your choice of wood: brown maple, oak, hard maple, quarter sawn oak, elm, rustic cherry (leaving the knots and mineral deposits on the boards) and cherry (with no knots or mineral deposits).  You also have your choice of hardware and stain, depending on your wood there can be up to 8 different stain options.

If you have any questions about this week’s highlight or would like to purchase one for your home, contact Robin at 845-778-1500.


Pick Of The Week – One Of A Kind Pieces

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   Al is all about our newest additions to the showroom floor, these beautiful one of a kind  – no two pieces alike – constructed from architectural element – repurposed as furniture – collection!  These pieces are handcrafted by artisans for a unique look.  A vintage oxcart, a barn door or a wooden canoe are just some of the items that may be used to create furniture in this line!  Distinctive elements like naturally aged wood and salvaged metal details mean high quality works of art whose appeal and personality are unmatched.  If you’re interested in these beautiful conversation pieces or would like to see more options, call Al at 845-778-1500 or stop by the Poughkeepsie showroom and ask for Al!

Pick Of The Week – Entertainment Units

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   This week’s pick is from Pete, who points out that you don’t have to sacrifice the appeal of your living room for a big, flat screen T.V.!  This wall unit is the perfect solution to adding style and sophistication to todays’ Televisions. With many different wood and stain options available we can coordinate or match almost any wood tone in your home. Choose the T.V. you want then come see Millspaugh Furniture for your custom wall unit.  This wall unit is on display in all three of our showrooms. Come in and check out the beautiful graining on this solid brown maple wall unit proudly made in the U.S.A.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase this week’s highlight, call 845-778-1500 and ask for Pete, or stop by the Walden showroom where he will be happy to show you the endless options available to make this wall entertainment unit a perfect fit for your home!            Berlin Wall Unit 2_001Berlin Wall Unit 1_001

The Right Sofa Choice (for you)

So, you’ve decided it’s time to part with the old sofa, maybe it’s moving to a family room, or heading with your son to his college apartment.  What to get next?

It can be daunting to go furniture shopping after many years of happily enjoying what you had.  You purchase a car knowing all the available options & what your preferences are, many people spend as much time  on their sofa as in their car each evening, a hasty decision based on appearance (or price) alone will cost you years of comfort, so here’s what you need to know:



The true test is being able to sit on the samples of the cushions.  You will know if the piece is right for you only by actually sitting on it. Don’t be shy in the showrooms you visit. “SIT BEFORE YOU COMMIT!” says Furniture Counselor Robin Hults of the Walden Showroom.  Then you can move on to the myriad of fun options such as fabric, welt, trims, skirts & legs!

Millspaugh Furniture offers several different cushion comforts to choose from.  The firmness of the cushion affects appearance as well as comfort, if you want a sofa that looks tailored & holds it’s shape firm is the better choice.  Foam cores and spring cores are the most common options with the next difference being how the core is wrapped, and with what materials. Down filling is heavenly for lounging in a family room, but some people grow weary of plumping & smoothing pillows after each use in a more formal setting.


Cutaway of an eight-way, hand-tied sofa (the only type you should consider) with a foam core wrapped in Dacron.



One final note: Every cushion has a break-in period.  Don’t expect the seat to feel just like the one you replaced or even the one in the showroom for a few weeks.


The casinos are coming, & so are the savings!





Have casino-themed fun at our Annual Floor Sample Sale this year! Our showrooms are “decked” out with dice & cards, games & prizes.  Don’t gamble your money away with disposable furniture, buy local, solid wood and American made furniture!

July 2014 Floor Sample Sale


Knock on Wood


Fast Facts on American Hardwoods

Homegrown ~ Don’t search the globe for renewable and sustainable materials:  American hardwoods fit the bill! From alder and cherry to the oaks and walnut – to name just a few – American hardwoods have been bringing warmth and beauty to the built environment for centuries.

Selection ~ Nearly two dozen abundant species provide plenty of color, grain and pattern.  American hardwood forests offer more choices than any other temperate hardwood forest in the world.

The Natural Choice ~ American hardwoods are the natural choice for environmentally conscious builders, architects and designers looking to specify green materials.

Healthy ~ American hardwoods are ideal for healthy environments.  They don’t trap dust, dirt and other allergens.  Low-VOC finishes keep hardwoods looking great and performing well.

Renewing Resource ~ The USDA Forest Service reports that more hardwoods grow than are harvested each year.  Since 1953, the volume of hardwoods in American forests has increased 119%.  Supply is increasing and it is sustainable.  

Natural Regeneration ~ By mirroring natural occurrences, hardwood forestry practices are a long-established form of biomimicry that supports natural regeneration.

Responsible Harvesting ~ In american hardwood forestry, based on regional climate factors, single-tree selection is a preferred harvesting method.  Foresters choose individual trees for harvest based on a complex array of considerations.

Life Cycle Costing ~ When considering life cycle costing, the useful life of American hardwoods can span generations, making them more favorable and cost effective than most other materials.

Energy Efficient ~ It takes less energy to make products from wood than other materials.  Making products from aluminum, glass, plastic, cement or brick can require as much as 126 times form energy than making them from wood.


Reprinted with permission by the American Hardwood Information Center at

We love the trademark, as our furniture is also treasured for generations!