Pick Of The Week – One Of A Kind Pieces

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   Al is all about our newest additions to the showroom floor, these beautiful one of a kind  – no two pieces alike – constructed from architectural element – repurposed as furniture – collection!  These pieces are handcrafted by artisans for a unique look.  A vintage oxcart, a barn door or a wooden canoe are just some of the items that may be used to create furniture in this line!  Distinctive elements like naturally aged wood and salvaged metal details mean high quality works of art whose appeal and personality are unmatched.  If you’re interested in these beautiful conversation pieces or would like to see more options, call Al at 845-778-1500 or stop by the Poughkeepsie showroom and ask for Al!


Sail Through Entertaining

Sail Through Entertaining

Wow, Summer is more than half over already. This time of the year we are always trying to enjoy the outdoors and don’t worry so much about the inside of our homes. We hope you are enjoying your Summer.

Soon it will be time to be inside your home with your family sharing those special times. Is your home ready for nesting again? Is your Living Room cozy and comfortable? Is your Dining Room in need of a new look? Does your mattress need to be replaced?

If your Dining Room needs to be spruced up here are some simple things to think about. First, you can change just your table or just your chairs to phase in a whole new look. Do you want to add a hutch and or a server?

What shape table are you looking for, oval, rectangle, round or a newer look, boat shaped (traditionally seen in conference tables, there is an abundance of space in the “middle” for serving dishes & decoration). The table leg will help set the tone for the finished look of your room. We have turned legs, straight legs and legs with a slight curve to them to select from. Your chairs also play an important role in your dining room, while style is important, make sure that the chairs that you choose are comfortable enough for you to sit and enjoy not only your meal but the time that follows.

If you have existing furniture that you want to keep using, consider bringing a chair or hutch door to our showroom, or we can bring samples to your home. Matching though, is not always necessary. Sometimes it is more fun just to make sure they flow together and don’t clash.

More on stain, paint, & finish choices next time, so check back or subscribe to our blog for all you need to know about furnishing your home…

A “Livable Space”

The concept of the “living room” has drastically changed over the years and if you have not embraced the changes its time to jump in and enjoy! My parent’s elegant living room that we (read “I”) rarely “lived” in are long gone. It is OK to use every room in your home and it is acceptable for function to come before aesthetics.

So where do you start designing your ideal living room or renovating it? Begin with the layout, especially if you have never given it much thought or lived with the same furniture layout since you moved into your home. It is amazing how a fresh outlook on furniture placement can make even your old furniture look and feel better. Decide what the functions of the room will be to fit your lifestyle; reading, areas to converse, television etc.

One rule Cathy follows is that the upholstery must be super comfortable (our selections are endless & amazing!). A tip she shares that my parents did employ when redecorating was to create the actual pieces on the floor (with paper or tape) & live with it a couple of days to see if you like the flow. We are happy to provide you with the dimensions of the items you favor. Accessories and an area rug also add to the atmosphere. (ps.. we’re not just a furniture store!)

~Adopted from a blog by “Adore Your Place”