Pick of the Week- Recliners

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   This weeks pick is from Dawn in Warwick!  Want to come home, put your feet up and relax, but don’t like the look of many traditional recliners? Then come to our Warwick store to see this gem for yourself. There’s no tell-tale outer handle, only a push-on-the-arm release. Or, go one better, and treat yourself to the power recline mechanism option. This recliner features crisp box cushions and a modest sock arm. Its slim, sophisticated appearance and classic styling make it the little black dress of any room in your home. The solid feel and comfort must be seen to be believed and since it’s shown in both leather and fabric, you can easily be the judge no matter what you choose. With hundreds of fabric and leather choices to select from, there’s sure to be something to suit any room. Quality construction features like a steel reclining mechanism, hardwood frame, mortise and tenon construction and high resiliency foam ensure this recliner will be comfortably enjoyed for years to come. And while you’re kicking back and enjoying this sharp-looking recliner, you can feel good knowing you’ve supported environmentally sustainable, American-made construction. If you’d like to purchase this week’s highlight or would like to learn more, please call us at 845-778-1500 and ask for Dawn in the Warwick showroom where she will be happy to show you all the available options.


Our 156th Anniversary Celebration!

Our 156th Anniversary Celebration!

When he was just 17 years old, Theron L. Millspaugh began learning the art of fashioning rough wood into beautiful pieces of furniture.

Theron- “TL” to his friends- was no stranger to hard work, having been born on a farm in pastoral Montgomery. His employer, furniture maker John Woolsey, was impressed
by TL’s energy and willingness to work long hours to satisfy his customers. When Woolsey passed away, TL decided to carry on his legacy by purchasing the business from his wife.

The business quickly outgrew its tiny space, so TL decided to erect a storefront befitting its success. The resulting three-story brick building, a staple of Walden’s Main Street,
remains our main store today. The business continued to grow, and the store-front grew with it. In 1895, TL installed a dumbwaiter that could transport furniture between the three floors of the store, we still use the dumbwaiter for that same purpose, over 115 years later!

And, in 1901, TL connected the building with the storefront next door, creating the largest store in Orange County. TL and the five generations after him have built Millspaugh
Furniture on customer satisfaction and business honesty. We’re no longer the largest store in the county, but we have continued our steady growth by adding locations in
Poughkeepsie and Warwick. Each store retains the charm and warmth we have always been known for. We love our customers and look forward to many more generations of serving the Hudson Valley.

Celebration Sale in progress from March 22nd to April 12th!

Checklist for Picking the Perfect Chair

Checklist for Picking the Perfect Chair

When you love to create home interior spaces that delight your eyes and refresh your senses as much as we all do, you know that a chair is so much more than just a place to sit. It’s an expression of your unique style. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a chair, isn’t it? You bet it is! That’s why it’s important to have a good feel for what you’re looking for in a chair before you begin to shop. Here is the checklist we go through with our customers to help them pick the perfect chair for their home.

1. How will you use the chair?
This is perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself, because everything else will stem from your answer. Will this be a chair that stands in a little-used formal room, or your favorite place to sit and watch TV or read? If this is a chair you want to relax in every day, comfort and durability are king. If the chair is more for show, you can go with a style that’s a little less sink-into-comfy and a fabric that is a bit fussier.

2. What is your style?
There are a million styles of chairs out there. Which one is right for you? Formal? Traditional? Causal? Contemporary? Funky? You can add to the chair’s personality through the upholstery fabric you pick, from classic solid to an edgy geometric. Not sure what style lights your fire? Flip through decorating books and magazines, or start a board on Pinterest (look for our Millspaugh boards!), and mark the photos of chairs you love. Your style will surface quickly.

3. How high should the back and arms of the chair be?
Once you know where you will place the chair, this question will be easier to answer. If your chair is going to sit next to an end table, make sure the arms of the chair are either a few inches above or below the tabletop. When I design rooms, I frequently put higher backed chairs, like a wing back, against a wall or flanking the fireplace instead of in the middle of the room so they don’t obstruct the visual flow of the space.

4. What kind of cushions do you like?
First you have to decide whether you want the chair to have a loose back cushion, which looks more inviting to some people, or a tight back, which offers a cleaner silhouette. Then, you have to decide what kind of seat cushion grabs you. Do you like a firmer seat or one that is super soft? The best way to decide is to give the chair the sit test.

5. What kind of arm do you prefer?
Do you want the arm to show some wood or be padded? Thick or thin? If you want an arm style that will never go out of vogue, consider an English rolled arm. You’ll see this centuries old classic spotlighted in decorating magazines decade after decade because it stands the test of time.

6. Do you want a skirt?
Skirts on chairs are still popular, though the height and depth of the skirt changes now and then. If you have pets, you might want to think twice about a skirt. If your cat or dog likes to rest against the chair when it sleeps, the oils in its skin and shedding hair can make the skirt dingy. Dirty shoes can be a problem too.

7. What kind of upholstery do you want?
Do you need fabric that is durable enough for pets and kids? Do you want a solid or a pattern? A dark or light? To help our customers decide, we take them to our fabric room, filled with hundreds of swatches of upholstery fabric. It doesn’t take them long to zero in on the color and pattern that makes them smile.

8. What is your budget?
When it comes to upholstered furniture, you need to invest in high quality pieces. Less expensive chairs, made with inferior materials and slipshod workmanship, don’t stand the test of time. They will look good for a few years, then they will begin to lose their shape, pill up and fall apart. In contrast, when you invest in a well-made chair that uses top quality materials and expert craftsmanship, you’ll get a piece that you will have for generations, one you can recover over and again. My recommendation is to get the highest quality chair you can afford, knowing it’s an investment piece you will have for years to come.

(adapted from Style at Home a blog by Mary Carol Garrity)

“Fall” in Love with your Home

This time, every year, I get so excited about the autumn foliage, pumpkin picking and fresh local apple cider. The reality of this time of year is that it comes and goes so fast. What if I could embrace it 365 days a year? Well, I can. So can you.

This photo is one that I had taken a few years back. Every time I look at it, no matter the time of year, it makes me feel happy, inspired and I can just feel the warmth radiating through the golden hues of those leaves. I love taking something I love and making it a focal point and the inspiration for an entire space. On the bottom are 3 fabrics that we have readily on hand everyday at the store to use. On the right of the photo are paint swatches.

You can do this with anything you love, whether it is a painting, photograph, rug, vase or dish. My photo is just an example that fits well with this time of year. So, when you are ready to go furniture shopping, take a look at something that inspires you around your home. If it is small enough to carry, bring it in with you and take it to the next level. If it isn’t small enough to carry in, don’t hesitate to call on your furniture counselor to do a house call. We are here to help. ~Halona Baxter, Funiture Counselor
Walden Showroom