WELCOME HOME! Thank you Diane F for sharing pictures of your new dining set! Diane worked with Maria in Poughkeepsie to find the right size and style set for her home. She went with a round solid wood table top with pedestal base and four chairs with upholstered seats. Not only is this look sophisticated, but comfortable as well! Good choice Diane!
Show us your Millspaugh Furniture! Email your pictures to millspaughfurn@gmail.com or send us a FB message and we will feature you on an upcoming Welcome Home post!
March 11 2020 - Flayter, Diane - Y02 dining - MM

WELCOME HOME WEDNESDAY! Coordinating Style and Fabric

WELCOME HOME WEDNESDAY! How great do these chairs look together! Mixing styles and fabrics is a trend we love! Not everyone likes the same style and feel. Find what fits you best and bring complimentary styles together with coordinating fabric! Thank you Cindy C for sharing your Millspaugh furniture with us!

Show us your Millspaugh Furniture! Email your pictures to millspaughfurn@gmail.com or send us a FB message and we will feature you on an upcoming Welcome Home post!

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Pick of the Week- Recliners

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   This weeks pick is from Dawn in Warwick!  Want to come home, put your feet up and relax, but don’t like the look of many traditional recliners? Then come to our Warwick store to see this gem for yourself. There’s no tell-tale outer handle, only a push-on-the-arm release. Or, go one better, and treat yourself to the power recline mechanism option. This recliner features crisp box cushions and a modest sock arm. Its slim, sophisticated appearance and classic styling make it the little black dress of any room in your home. The solid feel and comfort must be seen to be believed and since it’s shown in both leather and fabric, you can easily be the judge no matter what you choose. With hundreds of fabric and leather choices to select from, there’s sure to be something to suit any room. Quality construction features like a steel reclining mechanism, hardwood frame, mortise and tenon construction and high resiliency foam ensure this recliner will be comfortably enjoyed for years to come. And while you’re kicking back and enjoying this sharp-looking recliner, you can feel good knowing you’ve supported environmentally sustainable, American-made construction. If you’d like to purchase this week’s highlight or would like to learn more, please call us at 845-778-1500 and ask for Dawn in the Warwick showroom where she will be happy to show you all the available options.

Has it been that long?

february firesideWe’re knee-deep into the new year already!

A new post hasn’t appeared here in a few months… there was more than enough “noise” leading into the holidays, we certainly didn’t need to add to it!

When is the last time you’ve been in one of our showrooms? You’ll be thrilled with the changes! Fresh new fabrics grace our sample walls in all locations & new pieces replace those sold during our latest Floor Sample Sale.  While the quality & service remain “old-fashioned” – the furniture styles themselves have evolved with the times!

As you pack away the decor of the Winter season, it’s a great time to look at the “blank” canvas of your home & consider adding that piece that would make your home more hospitable.  Whether getting a better night’s sleep on a Shifman Mattress, a dining table that doesn’t force even young adults to the kids’ table, a buffet that would make entertaining so much easier, or a sofa that doesn’t have the “ghost of snacks & spills past”, we offer all you need!

If it’s been a while, we hope to see you soon!

Knock on Wood


Fast Facts on American Hardwoods

Homegrown ~ Don’t search the globe for renewable and sustainable materials:  American hardwoods fit the bill! From alder and cherry to the oaks and walnut – to name just a few – American hardwoods have been bringing warmth and beauty to the built environment for centuries.

Selection ~ Nearly two dozen abundant species provide plenty of color, grain and pattern.  American hardwood forests offer more choices than any other temperate hardwood forest in the world.

The Natural Choice ~ American hardwoods are the natural choice for environmentally conscious builders, architects and designers looking to specify green materials.

Healthy ~ American hardwoods are ideal for healthy environments.  They don’t trap dust, dirt and other allergens.  Low-VOC finishes keep hardwoods looking great and performing well.

Renewing Resource ~ The USDA Forest Service reports that more hardwoods grow than are harvested each year.  Since 1953, the volume of hardwoods in American forests has increased 119%.  Supply is increasing and it is sustainable.  

Natural Regeneration ~ By mirroring natural occurrences, hardwood forestry practices are a long-established form of biomimicry that supports natural regeneration.

Responsible Harvesting ~ In american hardwood forestry, based on regional climate factors, single-tree selection is a preferred harvesting method.  Foresters choose individual trees for harvest based on a complex array of considerations.

Life Cycle Costing ~ When considering life cycle costing, the useful life of American hardwoods can span generations, making them more favorable and cost effective than most other materials.

Energy Efficient ~ It takes less energy to make products from wood than other materials.  Making products from aluminum, glass, plastic, cement or brick can require as much as 126 times form energy than making them from wood.


Reprinted with permission by the American Hardwood Information Center at www.HardwoodInfo.com.Image

We love the trademark, as our furniture is also treasured for generations!









Sail Through Entertaining

Sail Through Entertaining

Wow, Summer is more than half over already. This time of the year we are always trying to enjoy the outdoors and don’t worry so much about the inside of our homes. We hope you are enjoying your Summer.

Soon it will be time to be inside your home with your family sharing those special times. Is your home ready for nesting again? Is your Living Room cozy and comfortable? Is your Dining Room in need of a new look? Does your mattress need to be replaced?

If your Dining Room needs to be spruced up here are some simple things to think about. First, you can change just your table or just your chairs to phase in a whole new look. Do you want to add a hutch and or a server?

What shape table are you looking for, oval, rectangle, round or a newer look, boat shaped (traditionally seen in conference tables, there is an abundance of space in the “middle” for serving dishes & decoration). The table leg will help set the tone for the finished look of your room. We have turned legs, straight legs and legs with a slight curve to them to select from. Your chairs also play an important role in your dining room, while style is important, make sure that the chairs that you choose are comfortable enough for you to sit and enjoy not only your meal but the time that follows.

If you have existing furniture that you want to keep using, consider bringing a chair or hutch door to our showroom, or we can bring samples to your home. Matching though, is not always necessary. Sometimes it is more fun just to make sure they flow together and don’t clash.

More on stain, paint, & finish choices next time, so check back or subscribe to our blog for all you need to know about furnishing your home…

Solid Wood (Green-whatever stain you select) Furniture

Solid Wood (Green-whatever stain you select) Furniture

We hope you had a happy Earth Day & took the time to pause & consider all the blessings we have around us in the natural world. No framed picture in our showroom can replace the views we sometimes take for granted on our way to and from work.

A whopping 98% of Millspaugh Furniture is American Made from forest to fabrication. Millspaugh Furniture works with other mulit-generational family businesses and lumber specialists who hand-select the best of the cherry, oak, maple, walnut or hickory tree to bring you our quality products. We know the building of solid wood furniture from its roots. We are proud of the furniture they produce, we sell only what T.L. Millspaugh himself would have been pleased to offer his customers.

The beauty of solid wood is that it is a natural product and no two pieces are alike. Trees endure long winters and dry summer heat, grow at various rates, and suffer broken branches and other disfigurements- all of which give each piece its own unique fingerprint. These natural markings are why people buy solid wood. We sincerely hope you will visit one of our three furniture showrooms and allow one of our items to grace your home.