Do I Need a Boxspring?

Do I Need a Boxspring?

It’s a common question asked of our Furniture Counselors by customers seeking to replace just their mattress.

Do yourself a favor, lift up your mattress and feel the support system that is under it. Can you feel the springs or are you just feeling a stiff board with no support in-between the boards. Do you have a true box spring or is your mattress supported just by a foundation?

If there are no springs you only have a foundation, an inferior alternative to a true box spring. Some people believe that the “dip” in their bed is due to their mattress being worn-out. People often overlook the importance of their box spring, this is what is supporting your mattress and YOU! A foundation does not have any real support for your mattress and therefore it does not support your body as you are trying to sleep. Just as there are springs under your mattress to give support you and your mattress, all of our mattress sets come with a true box spring. This way you will have a longer, more comfortable night’s sleep.

We understand that Mattress shopping is a necessity, far less fun than furniture shopping! Educate yourself before hand to avoid confusion in the showroom, consider the springs in the mattress, the difference between latex or foam and cotton or polyester fill and what the fire retardant layer is made of, and if you prefer a two sided mattresses that you can flip as well as rotate? Select the one that will give you the best night’s sleep for the longest amount of time, often the least expensive will not hold up to the tossing & turning one does for (hopefully) 8 hours a night, making it of more costly in the long run!

To learn more about the eight-way hand tied coils of a Shifman box spring, click on the image.