Furniture Pick Of The Week – Teal Sofa!

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   This week’s pick is from Al.  One of his favorite pieces of furniture shown exclusively in our Poughkeepsie location is this stunning sofa.  It can be purchased as a traditional sofa or configured into numerous sectional options!  Featured in teal, the color of sophistication, this sofa comes in your choice of hundreds of fabrics, various arm, back and base options and three different seat depths!  It can even be configured to fit the tightest of spaces making this couch perfect for any room!  With unsurpassed quality, it offers an 8 way hand tied and knotted seat spring for ultimate durability and comfort.  It’s hardwood frame, harvested from sustainable forests, ensures many years of enjoyable use.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase this week’s highlight, call 845-778-1500 and ask for Al, or stop by the Poughkeepsie showroom where Al will be happy to show you our great selection of living room furniture.

Al Sofa Friday 5pm Tailor Made Sofa Layout

Has it been that long?

february firesideWe’re knee-deep into the new year already!

A new post hasn’t appeared here in a few months… there was more than enough “noise” leading into the holidays, we certainly didn’t need to add to it!

When is the last time you’ve been in one of our showrooms? You’ll be thrilled with the changes! Fresh new fabrics grace our sample walls in all locations & new pieces replace those sold during our latest Floor Sample Sale.  While the quality & service remain “old-fashioned” – the furniture styles themselves have evolved with the times!

As you pack away the decor of the Winter season, it’s a great time to look at the “blank” canvas of your home & consider adding that piece that would make your home more hospitable.  Whether getting a better night’s sleep on a Shifman Mattress, a dining table that doesn’t force even young adults to the kids’ table, a buffet that would make entertaining so much easier, or a sofa that doesn’t have the “ghost of snacks & spills past”, we offer all you need!

If it’s been a while, we hope to see you soon!

Strengthening the Fabric of our Community

Look for this image on our homepage & also as a facebook tab! Enter your favorite or vote for an existing local not-for-profit to win $1000 from Millspaugh Furniture

Look for this image on our homepage & also as a facebook tab! Enter your favorite or vote for an existing local not-for-profit to win $1000 from Millspaugh Furniture

Millspaugh Furniture would like to reward the three communities we serve by investing
in the success of local charities, Strengthening the Fabric of our Community. A monthly giving program has been established, awarding a $1,000.00 donation to a different local charity each month. The winning charity is selected via popular vote through facebook.

Currently in its second month, with a new winner to be announced in a few days, we anticipate a race to the finish by entrants that fell short last month, as well as new entries (the entry form is accessible on our home page: The program has garnered media attention, with Proprietor Keith Millspaugh appearing on the popular Q92.1 radio show, Joe Daily in the Morning. (You can listen on our website page dedicated to the Giving Program!)

Gifts from the Heart for Downs, a Tillson, NY based organization that grant’s wishes s to children and adults with Down Syndrome was our first winner in April 2014. Their mission in granting these wishes is to provide the possibility of a special moment and to enhance the quality of life for those with Down Syndrome. A wish has been granted with the proceeds we provided, visit them at to learn more!

We look forward to the next award winner being named & learning about the difference $1000 will make in the population they serve!

Greater value than the cost to own it.

Greater value than the cost to own it.

The phrase above is a great yardstick to measure a future purchase.

How many things that you purchased last year will you still have in 10 years? Your car? Probably not. Your television? Computer? Major appliance, only if you are very lucky!

American-made, solid wood, hand crafted furniture is about the best investment of your hard earned dollars today. Quality furniture is among the only consumer goods to hold it’s value, functionality and appeal years from now. To make investing in our ‘non-disposable” furnishings even easier, Millspaugh has partnered with Wells Fargo Consumer Credit. We are pleased to a special rate of 0% financing when paid in full within the term selected (as long as 36 months) for our qualified customers. We have selected Wells Fargo based on the following criteria:


Fast and simple application process
On-the-spot credit decisions
Srong credit security
Immediate access to revolving credit line
Ability to make repeat purchases at our showrooms
Easy-to-use online account management and bill payment options
Low monthly payments
Superior cardholder service

With “same as cash” financing, there is not need to settle for anything less than Millspaugh Furniture quality when shopping for you home. Sturdy, Elegant, Comfortable & Timeless, since 1858!

Caring for your Quality Upholstered Furniture

vacuum furniture

How to keep your furniture fabric looking good.
by Jill Upchurch, Customer Service Technician (aka Mrs. Makita)

1. Always vacuum (without the beater bar) your furniture regularly. Gently beat cushions to loosen dirt, then vacuum. Don’t forget the deck (the area under the seat cushions) that’s where all the loose popcorn and change falls.

2. Rotate and turn cushions after vacuuming so they will wear evenly and prevent soiling.

3. Body oils will accumulate on the arms and headrest. Damp dust these areas with a white cloth and cleaning solution. Follow the manufacturer?s instructions. When using a cleaning solution, make sure it is the correct type for your fabric. Water soluble or Solvent cleaner?

4. Avoid placing newspaper on fabric. The ink will transfer and is very difficult to remove.

5. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

6. Pilling, those little balls of fuzz, are not a defect. It is common with many upholstery fabrics.
A sweater shaver is a great way to get rid of that fuzzy look.

7. Your pets will love the new comfy furniture but they do a lot of damage, try to keep them off.

Any other questions about how to clean, give us a call at 1-855-778-1500

Spring Dining

Spring Dining

Blend of textures & styles united by color.

Welcome to Millspaugh Furniture House’s blog.

Millspaugh provides a stress free shopping environment. Our sales staff is friendly and here to make your shopping experience enjoyable and informative. We believe in asking questions in order to understand your needs so that we may find the right design solution for you and your family!

Millspaugh Furniture provides beautiful, solidly-built furniture at an excellent price. Every purchase includes support by our renowned customer service staff, including free removal and delivery and a complementary in-home design consultation.

We offer what we feel is the best value available in the furniture market today. The proper combination of quality, style and price provides that value. Solid wood construction, eight-way hand-tied & knotted upholstered seat springs together with strong, comfortable fabrics are specific items which leads to great value.

​At Millspaugh Furniture we’ve stood behind our products and deliveries for more than a century and a half. Before our finish shops accept an item, it is first thoroughly inspected. Another inspection takes place before delivery to your home, you and the delivery person will again thoroughly examine your furniture for any damage. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the condition of your furniture, contact us immediately (while the delivery truck is still at your home) and we’ll remedy the situation. We stand behind what we sell. It’s that simple.