FURNITURE FEATURE – American Country Decor

-FURNITURE FEATURE – The American Country home decor style features a relaxed arrangement of furniture and accessories.  For many, the words “country decor” evoke images of the country-themed trend of the 1980s with bonnet-clad geese and painted wooden knickknacks. To the contrary, you can incorporate this laid-back style into any city or country home and achieve a modern and tasteful, though artfully mismatched, look.  The American Country home is inspired by a laid-back cottage feel. It should appear as though a family gathered items gradually over time.  In casual areas of the American Country home, typical furniture items include cozy sofas, overstuffed chairs, as well as wing chairs in vibrant woven fabrics. Fabrics can vary to include a mix and match palette of plaids, patterns, and solids. This all-American style is getting harder to find but here at Millspaugh Furniture we continue to offer both furniture styles and fabrics to achieve that warm and welcoming feel that a country decor offers.  Stop into our Poughkeepsie showroom and ask for Karyn or give her a call at 845-778-1500.  She’d be happy to show you how to achieve your perfect Country look.