Pick of the Week – Performance Fabrics

-MONDAY’S PICK OF THE WEEK-   Karyn’s pick of the week are the many performance fabrics Millspaugh Furniture has to offer on the majority of our upholstered pieces.  With over 100 fabrics to choose from, everyone can find a performance fabric to fit their individual style.  So what is a performance fabric anyway?  They are heavy duty fabrics that have superior stain resistance for life, no chemical treatments applied (No PFC) making them environmentally friendly, moisture repellency features, resistant to fading in sunlight and best of all – 100% made in the USA.  Some are even cleanable with diluted bleach.  These performance fabrics are woven with 100% Olefin yarn which is extremely durable yet soft to the touch.  Combine these fabrics with our solid wood frames and your active family will enjoy sofas and chairs with showroom quality and comfort for years to come!  Call us at 845-778-1500 or stop into our Poughkeepsie location and see Karyn.  She can help find the performance fabric that best suits your family’s needs.



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