What makes us “BEST” & thank you!

1st place

Two years running, two regional publications… one a daily newspaper, one a glossy monthly – all readers agree Millspaugh Furniture is the best furniture store in the region!  We know we are, we work hard to be  – every day!

We’re just really, really thankful that we’ve effectively communicated that to so many!  From the selection of furniture from local craftsmen that welcomes you into our showrooms, to our knowledgeable and talented sales staff, proficient office staff and dedicated, thoughtful delivery team – every aspect of your experience with our stores should be the best part of your day!

As the colder weather approaches and we turn our attention back indoors, consider a stop at Millspaugh’s for that extra piece of furniture that would make you home more functional or beautiful… would a sideboard help with holiday entertaining? A guest room need a bit more stylish storage? Just a few more weeks for special order items to arrive in time for the holidays! We hope to see you!