The Right Sofa Choice (for you)

So, you’ve decided it’s time to part with the old sofa, maybe it’s moving to a family room, or heading with your son to his college apartment.  What to get next?

It can be daunting to go furniture shopping after many years of happily enjoying what you had.  You purchase a car knowing all the available options & what your preferences are, many people spend as much time  on their sofa as in their car each evening, a hasty decision based on appearance (or price) alone will cost you years of comfort, so here’s what you need to know:



The true test is being able to sit on the samples of the cushions.  You will know if the piece is right for you only by actually sitting on it. Don’t be shy in the showrooms you visit. “SIT BEFORE YOU COMMIT!” says Furniture Counselor Robin Hults of the Walden Showroom.  Then you can move on to the myriad of fun options such as fabric, welt, trims, skirts & legs!

Millspaugh Furniture offers several different cushion comforts to choose from.  The firmness of the cushion affects appearance as well as comfort, if you want a sofa that looks tailored & holds it’s shape firm is the better choice.  Foam cores and spring cores are the most common options with the next difference being how the core is wrapped, and with what materials. Down filling is heavenly for lounging in a family room, but some people grow weary of plumping & smoothing pillows after each use in a more formal setting.


Cutaway of an eight-way, hand-tied sofa (the only type you should consider) with a foam core wrapped in Dacron.



One final note: Every cushion has a break-in period.  Don’t expect the seat to feel just like the one you replaced or even the one in the showroom for a few weeks.