Our 156th Anniversary Celebration!

Our 156th Anniversary Celebration!

When he was just 17 years old, Theron L. Millspaugh began learning the art of fashioning rough wood into beautiful pieces of furniture.

Theron- “TL” to his friends- was no stranger to hard work, having been born on a farm in pastoral Montgomery. His employer, furniture maker John Woolsey, was impressed
by TL’s energy and willingness to work long hours to satisfy his customers. When Woolsey passed away, TL decided to carry on his legacy by purchasing the business from his wife.

The business quickly outgrew its tiny space, so TL decided to erect a storefront befitting its success. The resulting three-story brick building, a staple of Walden’s Main Street,
remains our main store today. The business continued to grow, and the store-front grew with it. In 1895, TL installed a dumbwaiter that could transport furniture between the three floors of the store, we still use the dumbwaiter for that same purpose, over 115 years later!

And, in 1901, TL connected the building with the storefront next door, creating the largest store in Orange County. TL and the five generations after him have built Millspaugh
Furniture on customer satisfaction and business honesty. We’re no longer the largest store in the county, but we have continued our steady growth by adding locations in
Poughkeepsie and Warwick. Each store retains the charm and warmth we have always been known for. We love our customers and look forward to many more generations of serving the Hudson Valley.

Celebration Sale in progress from March 22nd to April 12th!