“Fall” in Love with your Home

This time, every year, I get so excited about the autumn foliage, pumpkin picking and fresh local apple cider. The reality of this time of year is that it comes and goes so fast. What if I could embrace it 365 days a year? Well, I can. So can you.

This photo is one that I had taken a few years back. Every time I look at it, no matter the time of year, it makes me feel happy, inspired and I can just feel the warmth radiating through the golden hues of those leaves. I love taking something I love and making it a focal point and the inspiration for an entire space. On the bottom are 3 fabrics that we have readily on hand everyday at the store to use. On the right of the photo are paint swatches.

You can do this with anything you love, whether it is a painting, photograph, rug, vase or dish. My photo is just an example that fits well with this time of year. So, when you are ready to go furniture shopping, take a look at something that inspires you around your home. If it is small enough to carry, bring it in with you and take it to the next level. If it isn’t small enough to carry in, don’t hesitate to call on your furniture counselor to do a house call. We are here to help. ~Halona Baxter, Funiture Counselor
Walden Showroom