Delivery of Your NEW Furniture

Delivery of Your NEW Furniture

“Dear Mr. Millspaugh,

Mike & Cory delivered a mattress & box spring to my home today. What a pleasant experience! They were very competent, courteous & willing to help us in every way….”

Happily we receive notes like the one above fairly often. We also ask a lot of questions when scheduling delivery to avoid issues ahead of time. We want to ensure your new furniture is delivered successfully.

If your purchase is going up or down a flight of stairs, please be careful when making your selection of large pieces – armoires, sofas, poster beds, queen sized boxsprings, etc. Take measurements to the showroom with you & discuss concerns with your salesperson, we can have the furniture you like adjusted to a size that will work for your home.

Here is some important information you should consider before you have your furniture delivered:
~Is your home a private residence or will we need to access public parking & common areas to reach your unit?
~Elevator or stairs, how many flights, is there a service elevator?
~Is your home on a new street, if so, what is the nearest intersection?
~ Does you home have any tight doorways, low ceilings or problem stairways?

Consider doing the following in advance of your delivery: (of course, we are happy to help you when we arrive if you need us to!)

• Secure low-hanging light fixtures
• Remove doors if necessary
• Set rugs in place
• Remove pictures or art
• Move other furniture
• Put pets in another room

Hopefully Mike & Cory will visit your home one day & you’ll feel the same way as the happy customers who wrote to us, and all the rest since 1858!

P.S. The truck still has our name on it!