Caring for your Quality Upholstered Furniture

vacuum furniture

How to keep your furniture fabric looking good.
by Jill Upchurch, Customer Service Technician (aka Mrs. Makita)

1. Always vacuum (without the beater bar) your furniture regularly. Gently beat cushions to loosen dirt, then vacuum. Don’t forget the deck (the area under the seat cushions) that’s where all the loose popcorn and change falls.

2. Rotate and turn cushions after vacuuming so they will wear evenly and prevent soiling.

3. Body oils will accumulate on the arms and headrest. Damp dust these areas with a white cloth and cleaning solution. Follow the manufacturer?s instructions. When using a cleaning solution, make sure it is the correct type for your fabric. Water soluble or Solvent cleaner?

4. Avoid placing newspaper on fabric. The ink will transfer and is very difficult to remove.

5. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

6. Pilling, those little balls of fuzz, are not a defect. It is common with many upholstery fabrics.
A sweater shaver is a great way to get rid of that fuzzy look.

7. Your pets will love the new comfy furniture but they do a lot of damage, try to keep them off.

Any other questions about how to clean, give us a call at 1-855-778-1500