A “Livable Space”

The concept of the “living room” has drastically changed over the years and if you have not embraced the changes its time to jump in and enjoy! My parent’s elegant living room that we (read “I”) rarely “lived” in are long gone. It is OK to use every room in your home and it is acceptable for function to come before aesthetics.

So where do you start designing your ideal living room or renovating it? Begin with the layout, especially if you have never given it much thought or lived with the same furniture layout since you moved into your home. It is amazing how a fresh outlook on furniture placement can make even your old furniture look and feel better. Decide what the functions of the room will be to fit your lifestyle; reading, areas to converse, television etc.

One rule Cathy follows is that the upholstery must be super comfortable (our selections are endless & amazing!). A tip she shares that my parents did employ when redecorating was to create the actual pieces on the floor (with paper or tape) & live with it a couple of days to see if you like the flow. We are happy to provide you with the dimensions of the items you favor. Accessories and an area rug also add to the atmosphere. (ps.. we’re not just a furniture store!)

~Adopted from a blog by “Adore Your Place”


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