Solid Wood (Green-whatever stain you select) Furniture

Solid Wood (Green-whatever stain you select) Furniture

We hope you had a happy Earth Day & took the time to pause & consider all the blessings we have around us in the natural world. No framed picture in our showroom can replace the views we sometimes take for granted on our way to and from work.

A whopping 98% of Millspaugh Furniture is American Made from forest to fabrication. Millspaugh Furniture works with other mulit-generational family businesses and lumber specialists who hand-select the best of the cherry, oak, maple, walnut or hickory tree to bring you our quality products. We know the building of solid wood furniture from its roots. We are proud of the furniture they produce, we sell only what T.L. Millspaugh himself would have been pleased to offer his customers.

The beauty of solid wood is that it is a natural product and no two pieces are alike. Trees endure long winters and dry summer heat, grow at various rates, and suffer broken branches and other disfigurements- all of which give each piece its own unique fingerprint. These natural markings are why people buy solid wood. We sincerely hope you will visit one of our three furniture showrooms and allow one of our items to grace your home.


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